Camping Game Tour


  • Game drive in the ecosystem
  • Enjoying the beach
  • River cruizing
  • Historical town tour


  • Sed Adventure can offer you the most marvelous camping trip within Saadani National Park.Camping in the bush of Tanzania is the quintessential private African safari experience. Just a piece of cloth between you and the African night. A quire of nocturnal birds, insects and distant roaring lions lullabies you to sleep. Sitting around an open camp fire with the southern skies bright over head is the real way of appreciating Africa’s magic. There are campsites everywhere and camping facilitates in all our safari itineraries, to any park or wilderness area in Tanzania.

    IMG_4603Saadani National Park itself is unique to the rest of east Africa combining a variety of ecosystems including bush, beach and river.Some of the animals do come down to the beach and you can occasionally see some in the surf.The park has plentiful game including giraffe, hartebeest, water buck, wildebeest, buffalo, hippos and crocodiles. It is also possible but harder to see lion, leopard and sable antelope.Game drives in the park are rewarding as are boating safaris along the Wami River, at the river estuary the salt pans are filled with flamingos and the river is a birder’s paradise.

    To the north of the park is a green turtle breeding beach which is currently supported by the lodges in the park. All our guests who visit Saadani find it a special and unique place and is a good alternative to end a safari here rather than on a typical beach holiday

    The trip lasts for three days and two nights.

    Day 1:
    Early in the morning departure from Tanga at 6:30am, stop at Pangani town for breakfast, crossing the ferry with our vehicle then drive up to Saadani park and clear all fees for short moment, start full game drive for watching the mostly spectacular herbivores and carnivorous animals like giraffe, water bucks, zebras,warthog, hartebeest, lions, buffalo, an elephant and much more while have your lunch boxes then back to the camping site close to the beach for overnight and dinner.

    Day 2:
    After breakfast starting short game drive to see the wild animals until have a lunch boxes,then short breezing at the amazing Indian ocean while enjoy watching and gain experience how local community fishing use local net. Then ahead to Wami river for river cruising with boat to watch crocodile,hippos,birds like heron,n kingfisher, white stock, mangroves tree around the delta then back to camping for dinner and overnight.

    Day 3:
    After breakfast have a short game drive until lunch time then back to camping site prepare our stuff then back to town. We stop at Pangani town for historical town tour The Germans gave the building a unique appearance by giving a distinct European style roof. In Pangani there are also historical monuments and sites, such as the original slave market and depot, where Arabs traded slaves to India and Arabia; the freedom grounds, Islamic and German graves; ancient mosques; buildings from the German colonial period and traditional houses. Drive back to Tanga Town.

    - End of Tour-

    NOTES: Price and discount is per person, if more persons apply prices change (as it is shown below):
    2 persons: 600$ per person, with discount 540$ per person
    3 persons: 540$ per person, with discount 480$ per person
    4-6 persons: 510$ per person, with discount 465$ per person

    Price include:
    Transport (Tanga-Saadani-Tanga)
    Entrance fees
    Boat trip
    Meals and soft drinks
    Guide fee

    Price excluded:
    Dinner at last day
    Your own basic requirement and alcohol
    Accommodation when we arrive back to town

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